What is Shaolin Qi Gong?

As Qigong is such an ancient Art, there are thousands of different Qigong.
Shaolin Qigong is relatively recent, as it originates in the 6th century AD, with the historical and legendary figure of Bodhidharma, said to be the first Zen patriarch,  the very founder of the Zen tradition.

Bodhidharma was born as a prince in the south Indian Pallava kingdom. In the same way as the historical Buddha centuries before, he renounced the kingdom and became a monk. Upon Realization, or Enlightenment, he travelled to China and arrived at the Shaolin Monastery. There, he saw the monks immersed in their most demanding meditation practices and he gave them  a series of exercises or “forms” called the 18 Lohan Hands, destined  to bring them optimum physical health, vitality, serenity, emotional balance and mental clarity. A “form” is a combination of 3 elements: specific movement in space, particular breathing pattern and focused and relaxed attention.