The lineage

This teaching has been passed on over the centuries, from Master to disciple, within the Shaolin Monastery.

The Art was taught to the monks, and also to the Emperor and the high dignitaries of the empire who came every year to receive the teachings.

In the middle of the 19th century, it happened that one Emperor of the Jing dynasty and the southern Shaolin Monastery was in serious opposition. The Emperor sent his army to destroy the Monastery and kill all the monks.

One monk named Jiang Nan escaped. He had one mission in life: Pass on the
Shaolin Arts to one successor. After 50 years of search, he passed on the Arts to Yang Fatt Khun. When Yang Fatt Khun himself was in his seventies, he transmitted the Art to Ho Fatt Nam, who in turn passed it on to Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who inherited the Art in its pristine essence. Hence authentic Shaolin Qigong is now available to the world thanks to Master Wong Kiew Kit, heir to this tradition. In 2000, Pragata was blessed with meeting with Grandmaster Wong, received his teaching, was transmitted the Art and confirmed to teach to eager aspirants.