My dear friends,


Now comes the time to give you a great news.


After one year for the project to mature and actually take birth, we are finally in a position to organize and manifest a Qigong and Meditation retreat in yet another simply extraordinary location.


After the blessing of 3 retreats at Dunagiri, deep in the Indian Himalayas, our next retreat will be in the Chilean Patagonian forest, in a setting almost beyond believable. READ MORE


Nestled in the midst of an immense forest, a most powerful river, stupendous waterfalls charged with negative ions, quiet lakes mirroring the sky,  a snow covered volcano as a sentinel in the distance and ... all what can enhance the natural energy flow and beauty of our beloved planet Earth.


The Huilo Huilo biological reserve of the South of the World is welcoming us in the exquisite lodge "Marina del Fuy".



I want to make a date with those of you that are passionate of beauty, of optimum wellbeing, interested in who they are in truth, interested in awareness, cultivating ATTENTION, this quality without which life is lived as a somnambulist.


For this fundamental asset to be acquired, I invite you to discover, refine and practice with me the Art of Qigong, the Art of Energy, as it has been transmitted to me by my early masters in China in 1993 and then refined and taken to high level by Sifu Wong Kiew Kit from the year 2000 on.


The tool is remarkable, fundamental, as it taps directly into what gives life to Life, this ever present Life Force.


But the tool will be really efficient only when ATTENTION is there, first to the movement, the body sensations , the emotions that arise, and then taking a quantum leap into ATTENTION TO ATTENTION ITSELF. This is where consciousness is, this is where Life is.


In my 40 years of quest for truth and meeting with most remarkable masters, an understanding has arisen as to how to live life skillfully. I love to share this Art. Stories will be there, experiences will be there, meditation techniques will be there. Joy will arise, not just pleasure but pure joy. Peace will arise,as the foundation of our being.


Our true Self is calling! Are you willing to hear the call  and listen?


I invite you to come and train for one week, enjoy and play in Huilo Huilo, the biological reserve of the south of the world.


The outcome: A rebirth on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Come! I am ready and willing! And so is Swaha, my wonderful companion, ready to give you the very best experience, unique in a life time.


The teaching program:


- A selection of the 18 Lohan Hands. The foundation. Generating and enhancing the energy flow; internal energy massage of the organs.

-A selection of 6 of the Lohan Arts, for developing internal force and explosive energy. Pure joy, empowerment of the Dan Tien, the center of all centers of energy.

- Cosmic shower, cleansing thoroughly and strengthening all levels, physical, emotional, mental , spiritual.

- Bone marrow cleansing, developing the skills to send the energy to the 5 levels of skin, muscles, meridians, organs, bone and bone marrow.




Swaha and I look forward to welcome you in this magnificent program, in an outstanding location, at the perfect time of the year.



Waiting for your news,


With a warm smile of the Heart.


Pragata and Swaha



Please CONTACT Swaha for questions or sign up, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it