Hello dear friends,


Time passes swiftly, events occur, circumstances pleasant and unpleasant...


Life in all its magnitude happens continuously!


How do you face the challenge of being alive in this time and age?

How do you feel now?

Connected with the Life Force?

Not connected?


Swaha and I offer you a life affirming, life changing experience.

I allow myself to draw your attention on a most auspicious possibility of self-discovery and improvement on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Why not a rebirth into the Source of Infinite Pure Energy?


Using the millenary wisdom of the Art of Qigong, literally meaning the Art of Energy, to tap into the Source of Infinite Pure Energy, that permeates the whole Universe, this retreat can give rise to a true rebirth, a rebirth into the New, alive, alive, fully alive!


For those potentially interested that are new to what I love to share, you will discover a world where the simple is prevalent, an acceptance of what is, activation for change and a fresh appreciation of the gift of LIFE FLOWING and GETTING BETTER.


For those friends who have already attended one or more of my courses, this retreat will open to new dimensions, through exceptional new forms that Life offered me to discover and practice with amazed recognition, opening to a deepened perspective on the greater picture of Life.


The Pragata who has lived an already long life is inviting you to come and check it out ;-) !


It will be the 4th time that we organize another retreat in Dunagiri, in the Indian Himalayas. It is simply irresistible and every event so far has been of a beauty beyond description.


In this retreat, we will reveal ourselves as union between heaven and earth, the combination of the pure energy of the place and the enhanced practice makes wonders.



Dunagiri. October 4-14




Remember, time passes swiftly, and the time that you dedicate to yourself is invaluable.


It is a meeting with the universe, inner and outer. Do not postpone!


“Come, come, yet again come. Our caravan is not a caravan of despair”. Rumi


With a warm smile of the Heart.


Pragata and Swaha



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