Participating in Pragata’s  wonderful Qi-Gong teachings once again in Copenhagen in June 2023 was indeed an enriching and lovely experience. 14 years ago I learned Qi-Gong from Pragata and have practiced on and off since. I looked very much forward to seeing Pragata again and being with him and a very nice group of people joining Pragata’s teaching, which indeed lifted me to a new level. Feeling great connection to the Field and the One we’re all part of, feeling the qi/prana/ki flowing in me and around me, I now practice every day and have intention to continue my daily practice. I experience Pragata’s teaching as a high class of spiritual teaching filled with words of wisdom, totally presence with the ability to expand my consciousness as well as tuning in a refinement of practising the Qi-Gong forms. Elevating my frequencies – uplifting my whole being – increasing synchronicity in my life – I can highly recommend attending a course with Pragata. 

Love & Light Pia Hardenberg, Denmark.

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