An adventure in pure Presence & pure Energy!


DATES: October 1st to 11th, 2020

PLACE: The Dunagiri Retreat lodge


Piyush, the owner’s dream come true, is a perfect jewel of Himalayan hospitality! The region is also called Hanuman’s Hill, home of Sanjeevani, the mythical healing herb mentioned in the ancient Ramayana scripture that cures all diseases and brings life back to the dead! With one of the very few Shakti temples of India nearby, surrounded by Mahavatar Babaji’s Cave and Sukhadevi Temple, our cherished Dunagiri Retreat lodge truly becomes a geodesic place of ultimate efficiency for healing, presence and spiritual uplift.





Dunagiri is situated 400 km/250 miles north of Delhi in the Kumaon region of the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.



Coordinates: 29°49’23″N 79°26’54″E







 Sifu Pragata: 


“Meditation will be there, the practice of Qigong will be there, healing will be there, fun will be there, joy will be there. Peace is what IS, Love is what IS. Meeting with the universe, inner and outer.”







For those coming from abroad, individual airport pick-up at Delhi Airport and back


Arrival- and departure nights at a nice Hotel in Delhi, including full pension and sightseeing in Delhi


Transfer by comfortable private bus/train from our assigned Hotel in Delhi to the Dunagiri Retreat and back

7 nights at the Dunagiri Retreat


3 delicious vegetarian meals a day (except in the arrival Hotel, that serves non-vegetarian food as well)


6 days of teaching Qigong





Experience the ever deepening Art of SHAOLIN COSMOS QIGONG. 

Dive into the HEALING WISDOM of Qigong, the Art of Energy. 

Get inspired by the stories of the WISE.


  – Oct. 4:  Initiation into the Art of Energy, relaxing the whole body, connecting with the Life Force, Smile of the Heart, revitalizing/discovering the first 3 Lohan Hands for health and vitality. Learning and practice.


  – Oct. 5:  Review and integration of yesterday’s practice and revitalize/discover the next 3 Lohan Hands. Establishing a strong base for an everyday practice.


  – Oct. 6: Shifting level to the Lohan Arts, Energy is more and more palpable. Developing internal force and explosive energy. An energy treat! Peace of mind as substratum to vitality.


  – Oct. 7: Discovering the beauty and power of Cosmic Shower. Continue with the Lohan Arts. Tangible presence within, on all levels.


  – Oct. 8: Again changing level to Wisdom Healing Qigong. Inner smile meditation. An inner journey into the body. Heaven and Earth movement. Connecting deeply with the ocean of Infinite Pure Energy of the universe. Connecting with earth energy, with energy all around Dunagiri and beyond. Opening “heavenly gate”, “earthly gate” and “human gate”. Opening, connecting, deeper, deeper, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. Gathering energy within. Profound healing of all systems of the body. Spinal bone marrow movement. Straightening the spine, rejuvenating the spine, stretching the skeleton, releasing blockages. Bone marrow, immune system, purification system powerfully revitalized.


  – Oct. 9: Digestive system movement. Stretching the Qi/Chi.  Grand final reviewing all what has been acquired. An absolute energy treat! A rebirth! Ready to face the world with totally renewed energy.




  – Climbing the heavenly stairs, ringing its bells while making a wish on the way to the Dunagiri Shakti Temple and its holy shrine of pure Energy…


  – Approach with every step in pure presence and taste the pristine silence of the legendary Mahavatar Babaji’s cave…


  – Let yourself be moved by sublime Wuwei on the ridge of the Sukhadevi Temple, while contemplating the snow clad mountains of the great Himalayan Range… 


  – Experience the warmth and natural hospitality of the Kumaon people in an Himalayan village home and smile easily from the Heart…


  – Take a dip into the picturesque frenzy of the little town of Dwarahat while wonderfully centered into your Dantien and softly get back in touch with the “World” …


(Program details are subject to change)






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