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Dear friends

Dear friends

Greetings to you, dear fellow travelers on this journey called a human life.

Life passes swiftly.

Circumstances come and go at a pace that keeps accelerating, emotions rise, creating powerful inner climates within, and eventually subside according to the way we live them.

Are we able to remain centered and deal with them responsibly?
(being able to respond with awareness and not react!), or do we get thrown off base and fall into the slippery slope of suffering and disease?

When investigating into the nature of this manifestation, one has to recognize that everything is made of Energy, this body and everything we are experiencing as human beings is energetic interaction, energetic experience.

The practice of Qigong is a perfect answer to the need to respond effectively to life’s challenges, as it cultivates the capacity to connect with the energy and to activate the flow harmoniously, on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual levels.

As far as I am concerned, since the end of my sabbatical time, I have been delighted to share an expanded perspective and teaching of Qigong thanks to my very potent meeting and consistent practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong.
A true gift of the highest quality, with immense benefits.

This winter, I will again spend a couple of months in deep spiritual India and will come back to Europe mid March and get ready to share the gifts of this new exquisitely powerful Qigong.

I invite you to join me in one of the courses programmed so far:

Switzerland (course in French): le weekend du 28/29 Mars et du 4/5 Avril, 2020 MORE

Copenhagen (course in English): Weekends June 6-7 and June 13-14 MORE

Indian Himalayas Retreat, October 1-11, 2020 MORE

This is the great NEWS that fills my heart with joy. We have booked again the exquisite Dunagiri retreat center in the Indian Himalayas for a 7 days’ immersion into Shaolin and Wisdom Healing Qigong.
The location is exceptional: Beauty of the highest degree, very powerful healing energy from the earth and the air, delightfully comfortable lodging in the heart of the Great Himalayan Barrier, ancient Energy Temple within walking distance…
I invite you to join me into a moment of diving deep within your own body- mind- heart- spirit, using techniques from Shaolin Qigong and from Wisdom Healing Qigong.
The practice will give you access to the bigger picture of who you truly are, generating a rebirth, an expansion of consciousness with optimum possibility of healing and wellbeing.

Come and join us.

The experience is unique in a life time.

With a smile, from heart to heart,

CONTACT EMAIL info@pragata.org

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