Pragata Biography

Born in Paris France in 1944, Pragata underwent a very severe ski accident when he was 14 years old, seriously damaging his spine to the level that all doctors and specialists in traditional western medicine condemned him to the wheel chair within a few years. From then on, his life always had this component to take into consideration and try to find solutions to alleviate the constant pain, getting worse and worse as years and decades passed by.

In his early adult years, after post graduate studies in economy and business administration, he made a shooting star appearance in the world of fashion, retailing, wholesaling, creating collections, manufacturing… all this with exponential success for a period of 5 years. This achievement in the material world left him totally unhappy in his heart and soul. Money can’t buy happiness!

Life offered to open a radically new chapter with the meeting of a truly remarkable human being, ex Protestant pastor, psychoanalyst, astrologer, who was then at the head of a big herd of goats whose magnificent noble race he saved from extinction.
He spoke of connection with the forces of the universe. 
Pragata dropped the whole fashion game and became his apprentice, creating his own herd within the bigger one. After 2 years, time to go on his own, he found a new territory for himself and his herd. Life intimately connected with nature, constant witness and actor in all the stages of life, procreation, birth, growing up, adulthood, health, disease, old age and death. The whole spectrum!

The question remained lurking in his mind: What is beyond the appearance? What is reality? Who am I? An evidence dawned: Alone, I have no clue, no key to open the door to the Mystery of Life.

This is when, in its masterly magic, Life  brought the meeting with the Book of the secrets, from Osho. Wonder of wonders! Finally a key. Techniques of meditation. Revelation, constant practice while with the herd, roaming along in the dense forest of the Dom, in south of France. 
The next step was India, meeting with Osho, becoming his disciple for the next 12 years. Years of unlearning, of cleansing from conditioning, opening.
Osho’ s answer to my quest was : “ Go in, and discover “.
Therapy groups, meditation techniques… Whatever was available in the world of therapy and meditation on planet earth  found itself in the ashram and experimented with. During this time, the body made itself reminded: Pain in the lower back started to seriously increase. All kinds of therapies, massages, energy work, body techniques, yoga, all these alleviated the pain for while, but nothing really efficient for his situation. Pain omnipresent, standing and walking more and more limited.
Still, heart open, totally dedicated to the spiritual quest.

When Osho left His body, Life called him to an old Master of Truth in the north of India.
7 years of blessed life at the feet of Papaji. Who am I? Self inquiry. Arriving truly home.
As for the physical body, the pain was such that walking was possible just a few minutes at a time, same with standing up. Serious limitation, getting worse, even with the yoga practice he had then.
This is when, through his incomparable Akashic mastery, Papaji sent him to China to be initiated into Qigong. Absolute revelation. At last a key for the physical aspect of reality. Followed 6 years of dedicated practice. Pain receded, limits extended, rejuvenation felt on all levels. Spending time “at the Feet of the Master” in Lucknow, thanks to his practice of Qigong, he could then fulfill his desire to go to the pilgrimage sacred places of India. He was then living the life of a pilgrim in India, with Papaji’s loving wisdom in the core of his heart.

Again at a turning point in the practice of Qigong, appeared Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit, who, when seeing his practice,  told him he would take him from a low level Qigong to a high level Qigong. From then on, unfolded 20 years of deepening the art of energy through Shaolin Cosmos Qigong, a most remarkable lineage.  Practicing and teaching  in Europe, in the USA, Latin America, and in India  my love.

Outstanding results in the realm of well being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels occurred to his students and to himself. 

At the beginning of this period, with the blessing of the Grand Master, he, together with his wife Swaha, and Rama, a dearest friend, brother disciple of Papaji and close instructor of the Sifu, allowed a truly incredible dream to manifest: The creation of a Shaolin Temple for Latin America on the slopes of Mount Chirripo, the highest mountain of Costa Rica. Thus emerged La Montaña Azul, the Blue Mountain, a retreat center dedicated to the teaching of the Shaolin Arts of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan. Students came for retreats from Europe, from the USA, from Central and South America. What an adventure!
After 7 years, life took a new turn. Pragata and Swaha left La Montaña Azul, which continued its successful life under the guidance of Rama.

It was time to come back to Europe, close to their children and grand children, close to like minded friends from India and Papaji. Ganga, Papaji’s wife, was being the flame of Freedom, of Liberation. As for many old friends from India, If felt right for them to establish their base close to her, in south west Portugal.

During all this time, Pragata kept practicing and teaching Qigong world wide.

The effect of his Qigong practice allowed him to be in excellent physical condition.
Traveling extensively, taking airplanes from one continent to another, shifting time zones, eating whatever food was available at any time,  sleep cycles also totally disorganized, drinking coffee and wine as he pleased, no problem . He kept thinking that he was invincible!
Welll! At age 72, the alarm rang… He was diagnosed with a more than serious autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. Incurable, says conventional western medicine. There was urgency to act!

As he kept saying in his courses that, from the perspective of Qigong, there is no such thing as an incurable disease, it was time for him to prove it.

Again Life provided all the necessary information for healing.

Following all the years of excesses, a radical deep cleansing of the liver and gall balder was undertaken, ad well as state of the art colon cleanse, a number of sessions of acupuncture and, most fundamental, a radical change in diet and turning pure vegan.
All these measures prepared the body perfectly for what was the most important element that will allow the healing from the incurable disease to happen:

It was the discovery and encounter with a totally new form of Qigong called Wisdom Healing Qigong, as taught by Master Mingtong Gu and Grand Master Pang.
Dr Pang founded the largest medicine less hospital in China.
Trained as a western medical doctor, Dr Pang investigated into 19 different Qigong lineages and came out with a new method based on the most ancient WISDOM of Oneness of all life, and focusing 100% on HEALING.

When Pragata started to practice this Qigong, he knew that Life had provided, through the disguised gift of the disease, the next step in his in-depth discovery of the fathomless Art of Energy, and revealed the way to heal himself and others from any disease, however dramatic it may be diagnosed.

2 years later, he is absolutely symptom free, and enjoys a state of health, energy and power that keeps amazing him.
He is at present refining his practice and understanding of the Art, getting ready to teach at yet another level, a quantum leap in what is accessible.

HAOLA . All is well, getting better!