My dear friends

Ages have passed since my last communication.
2020 has been a year of total upheaval of all our life habits, both on individual and collective level.
Change is the very nature of what we see as reality.
In the past, we could still somehow hold on to the idea of security and certainty.
Today the all pervading quality of what we are living is total uncertainty.
The one thing that we can be sure of and that we need to recognize is that we are in a state of not knowing. Our long held belief that we are in control is shattered to pieces.
We do not control circumstances. They play on us, with us.
And in the time that we are living, they are pretty extreme.
The freedom that we have is in how we deal with them.
We have the freedom to prepare ourselves as well as possible to respond to what life brings to us.
Being ready means being present to the Now, fully alive, vibrant, open, receptive and open to face the new in whatever way it presents itself.
In the challenging time of the pandemic, it is fundamental that all our life sustaining systems are in the best  possible condition, with a special attention to the immune system.
On a deeper level, in the present day and age, the more subtle pandemic is the much more dangerous and insidious pandemic of fear.
Falling into the trap of fear is the mistake to avoid at all costs.
The practice of Qigong, being present to yourself on a deeper and more subtle level, connecting with the Life Force, opening, boosting the flow of energy within, is the perfect answer.
There is a lot that I can share both to old timers and beginners alike, each at his or her own level.
I am almost ready to start the long awaited Qigong online course, just a few details regarding the logistic need to be put in place.
If you have already participated in one of my courses, the 6 weeks online course will refresh, activate and significantly deepen your practice and your understanding of how it brings you to an optimum state of being, on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
If you have any friend or relative that you find would benefit from the Art, please let them know that the opportunity exists to have access and learn an Art of Well Being that is Simple, Direct, Effective, and totally enjoyable!
Being present within, I AM , ready and perfectly equipped to face any circumstance that Life presents. This is the gift that the learning and practice of the Shaolin Cosmos Qigong offers, as shared by Pragata, whose life has been and is totally dedicated to Truth and Awakening.
Within a couple of weeks, you will receive another newsletter with all details regarding the course and how to enroll.
Be well, dear friends,
And hopefully see you soon. Online is the way of Now!



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