Dear friends

Greetings to you, my dear fellow travelers,
What an amazing, unpredictable, challenging journey we are into, my friends!
So much happened since I last communicated with you 6 months ago.
The world, ahhh the world…Even the whole world is shaken to the roots.

I was not spared!
On the 5th of March, in ways not logically understandable, I underwent a very serious accident in the stairs of my own house in Portugal, that left me with 5 broken ribs, a serious head concussion, a wound in the pleura, blood at the bottom of the lungs and an air bubble outside the lungs.
When I regained consciousness lying on a hospital bed with intravenous opiates drip to lessen the pain, Swaha was by my side and gave me the news.
Intense news, accompanied by intense pain.
My reaction was immediately an effective and to the point response.
It was my time to apply Qigong, the Art of Energy, to the healing process.
Being reminded of the absolute urgency by the pretty serious constant pain,
triggered optimal attention on my side.
To the best of my ability, I focused my attention and intention on accompanying the breath and the energy consciously, so that the healing would be facilitated by my very awareness within. It did the job. After 12 days, I was released from the hospital and could continue the healing process at home.
A fascinating journey, first using only mind and breath for so long as I could not make any movement from the upper body and arms. About 5 weeks after the accident, I dared to try the movement of Lifting The Sky., accepting fully my extreme limitation, and allowing the limit to recede naturally, in a way that kept me in awe at the power of healing of the Life Force when it is not obstructed but accompanied.
In fact, this “accident “ proved to be a true blessing in disguise, allowing me to go ever deeper into the mystery and the sheer beauty of life in its infinite limitless aspect.

During all this time, the world was spiraling into fear, threatened by an invisible enemy.
Fear, the worst enemy, triggering extreme stress, resulting in all possible physical, emotional, mental and spiritual  imbalances.

Now, living in a world in a state of absolute uncertainty, it is essential to give oneself the means to remain centered within, aware, energetically alive and vibrant.
Coming back home to who we truly are!
The practice of a true Qigong rewards with this gift.
Then, circumstances may be encountered with full capacity to respond adequately.
A trust arises, not out of belief, but out of intimately knowing that we are connected with the ocean of infinite pure energy, the quantum field of infinite potential.

As is the state of the world today,  travelling to share and teach the Art is not really an option. What seems to be what Life wants of me now is to teach online and share with all my heart the great Essential Art, the Art that connects to the Essence of what gives life to Life.

Teaching online…
A great challenge and an amazing opportunity to connect with friends, old and new.
I do not yet have a very precise idea of how to proceed but I want to go ahead and soon come up with a great online program.
The intention is to give online access to an understanding and a practice of Qigong that will allow you to remain connected with the Source of Life, vibrant and flowing with energy, giving you your birthright, an excellent health on all levels, ready to face whatever situation may arise.

I invite you to write to me if this project inspires you.
Let me know how you would like to see it happen. I am open to ideas…
Within a couple of months, I will be ready and will let you know the format and how to get on board.

In the meantime, be well, stay safe and keep your spirit high.
It is your best protection!

With much love and total friendship
All packed in a broad warm smile from the Heart.



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