Shaolin Qigong courses with Sifu Pragata:

Pragata’s vision and understanding of Shaolin Qi Gong:

Shaolin Qigong can be practiced on three different levels: the level of Form (or physical exercise); the level of Energy (making a conscious effort to increase energy and clear blockages); and the level of Mind (where a heightened state of consciousness enables the practitioner to manipulate energy to effect healing). True Qigong is fundamentally a meditation technique, a training in attention and awareness, with exceptionally beneficial side effects on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Meditators, artists, creators, intellectuals, businessmen, sportsmen, diseased, disabled, as well as high level athletes will fully benefit from the discovery and practice of this Art, experimenting a quantum leap in whatever one is into.

Pragata teaches 2 different types of courses:

A 2 days course In which participants learn a selection of 6 of the highly respected 18 Lohan Hands, the forms that were given by Bodhidharma, the first Zen patriarch, to the Shaolin monks in the 6th century A.D. You will not only learn the techniques, but you will be transmitted the fundamental principles and the skills that will allow a competent and ever deepening individual practice. Seasoned practitioners will benefit from this course as well as beginners, each one at his or her own level.

A one week retreat In which participants learn the whole sequence of the 18 Lohan Hands, expanding the scope of possibilities, going deeper and deeper into the Art, fine tuning all the forms, refining the skills that will give them the power to be high level Qigong practitioners. The gift of the Lohan Hands is that it gives you the genuine treasures of Qigong in its purest form: Excellent health, emotional balance, mental clarity and serenity, focused and relaxed attention and a rejuvenated, strong and vital body at any age.

Due to its unparalleled efficiency, 15 minutes of enjoyable and simple practice per day is all that is required to derive the full benefit from the Art.

Expected results:

  • Learn the skills to be at the same time focused and relaxed.
  • Experiment a significant increase of energy level, thus being able to face any situation with optimum potential.  In Chinese, good Qi also means good luck.
  • Be able to generate an abundant internal energy flow to prevent or overcome diseases, clearing physical, emotional and mental blockages, dissolving unconscious and conscious tensions, harmonizing all the systems of the body (respiratory, nervous, immune, hormonal…)
  • Acquire a simple and efficient method to control and release stress.
  • Acquire the power to concentrate better and for longer periods of time.
  • Experiment inner peace and increased joy of living.
  • Feel anchored in the Now, through awareness of the inner energy field of your body.
  • Be perfectly equipped at the end of the course to practice efficiently on one’s own.
  • Heightened awareness, even when not formally practicing Qigong.
  • Joyful sense of aliveness, inhabiting oneself from within, aware, at ease and natural.
  • Intimacy with the life force and with nature.
  • On a holistic level, the practice of this Art leads to the mastery of the Art of Living, simply and harmoniously, in all circumstances.

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Where Pragata leads into the Qigong state of mind.

Watch a video

Of One of our retreats, in Huilo Huilo, Paragonia, Chile, in 2017