What is Wisdom Healing Gigong?

Wisdom Healing Qigong, called Zhineng Qigong in China, was developed by Dr Pang Ming, a renowned Chinese Qigong Grand Master trained in both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr Pang researched the most effective methods of different lineages and founded the world largest medicine-less Qigong hospital in Beijing in 1980. For more than 20 years of experimenting with Qigong healing, Wisdom Healing Qigong has developed into a scientific system of working with energy to activate healing and improve life. The success of Dr Pang was such that the Chinese authorities did not allow it any longer and put Dr Pang on house arrest. 
Master Mingtong Gu, who as a student of Dr Pang had healed himself from severe health conditions and undergone 2 years of intense Qigong Master program, came to the US to share this exceptional Art of Energy.
Wisdom healing Qigong establishes the practitioner in the greater picture of who we truly are, in the Oneness of all life. Opening the gate of heaven, the gate of the earth and the gate of the human being, connecting intimately with the unconditional flow of life of the living universe. Constructing a Qi field, using the mind’s intelligence to direct Qi to reform, perfect and improve the conscious potential of the holistic body, uniting consciousness, energy and matter.
The method involves precise movements,  visualizations,  sounds and meditation.

Pragata with Master Mingtong Gu in Santa Fe in 2019