A great thank you for having me participating in this great, strong, life transforming and lovely Qigong retreat of yours. All my prayers for healing through limiting habits(ect)and finding a way to easily tap into harmony and balance on all levels, have been fullfilled. I am very grateful to have this practice (back) into my life.

After coming home from the retreat.To begin with: I do my daily practice with great joy! And now:I feel the beginning of better sleep! This is SUCH great thing, after 10 years with a disturbance of sleeping & exhaustion, this is so wonderful. Then a funny thing is that i walk much faster and lighter. This used to be my way of walking when i was young! And i feel in such good mood and am spontaneous in doing all kind of work…effortlessly!

So again a great thank you, and much love & blessings to you both, Anjali

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